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Introducing Badass Brownies, a brownie company based in Cherry Hill, NJ, brought to you by Tabboulee! Our homemade brownies are made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, such as fair-trade chocolate and organic flour. We offer a wide variety of flavors including classic chocolate, unique and exciting options like salted caramel and peanut butter. Not only do our brownies taste heavenly, but they also look beautiful, packaged in personalized and creative ways. Our location in Cherry Hill makes us a convenient option for those looking for a sweet treat or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. By supporting our local business, you’re not only enjoying the delicious taste of our brownies, but also contributing to the local economy in Cherry Hill!

We understand that shipping homemade brownies can be a delicate process. That’s why we take extra care in ensuring that our brownies are packaged and shipped safely and efficiently. We use insulated and sealed packaging materials to protect our brownies during transit, and we ship them with a reputable carrier that guarantees timely delivery. We also include ice packs when necessary to maintain the freshness of the brownies during hot weather. We take great care to ensure your brownies arrive in perfect condition, just as delicious as when they were first made. We also offer the option for customers to track their packages so they can know exactly when their brownies will arrive. Our goal is to make sure our customers can enjoy our brownies as soon as possible!

We take great care in packaging our delicious homemade brownies to ensure they not only taste great but also look beautiful. Our brownies are packaged in safe and sealed boxes that keep them fresh. Therefore allowing the Gooey Goodness inside remain pure and fresh. We also use eco-friendly packaging materials, such as biodegradable and compostable materials, to minimize our impact on the environment. Our packaging is designed with convenience in mind, making them easy to transport, and easy to store. Whether you’re giving our brownies as a gift, or simply enjoying them yourself, our packaging will make sure they arrive in perfect condition every time!

As Is!

        Eating brownies straight from the package is a truly indulgent experience. The rich, chocolatey flavor and dense texture make for a satisfying treat. The edges of the brownies are slightly crisped, while the center is soft and gooey.


Warmed Up!

        Warming up a brownie can enhance its flavor and texture, making for an even more decadent treat. The heat causes the chocolate to melt slightly, creating a gooey and rich center. It can also bring out any additional flavors, such as nuts or chocolate chips, making them even more pronounced.


Over Ice Cream!

        Eating brownies with ice cream is a classic combination that elevates the flavor and texture of both the brownie and the ice cream. The warm, gooey brownie and the cold, creamy ice cream complement each other perfectly. The chocolate flavor of the brownie and the sweetness of the ice cream balance each other out, making for a truly indulgent dessert.


With Fruit!

        Eating brownies with fruit can be a great way to add some freshness and balance to the rich and decadent flavor of the brownie. The sweetness of the fruit complements the chocolate flavor, and also adds a nice contrast to the dense and gooey. Some popular pairings include raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, which provide a nice tartness to the flavor profile. Other options include sliced bananas, which add a subtle sweetness and creaminess instead. 


Drizzle Em’!

        Drizzling chocolate or caramel sauce over a gooey brownie can add an extra layer of decadence to the already rich and indulgent treat. The brownie paired with the smooth and sweet sauce creates a harmonious balance of flavors and textures. The sauce can also add a nice contrast to the dense and fudgy texture. Drizzling the sauce over the brownie can give a nice balance of flavors and textures in every bite, or you can go all in and generously drizzle the sauce over the entire surface of the brownie for an intense chocolate or caramel experience.

Indulge in the rich, fudgy goodness of our Homemade Brownies. Made with the finest ingredients and baked to Perfection, our brownies are the perfect treat for any chocolate lover. From classic to unique flavors, we have something for everyone. Order Now and taste the difference in

Badass Brownies Homemade Quality! 


All of our brownies are proudly

Made in House!

All Natural

Everything consists of locally sourced, pure, and natural ingredients!


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pre packaged!


A classic, RICH chocolate brownie made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. The perfect balance of Sweet & Fudgy!



The ULTIMATE chocolate indulgence. Made for true chocolate lovers looking for an intense chocolate experience!


Best Seller

Peanut Butter

Made with rich chocolate and SMOOTH peanut butter chips. The perfect balance between Sweet & Savory!


Best Seller

White Chocolate

A rich chocolate brownie infused with SWEET white chocolate chips. Perfect for those looking for a little bit of sweetness in their life!


Toffee Almond

A HEAVENLY blend of rich fudge, sweet toffee, and nutty almonds. The perfect balance of Sweet & Nutty!


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