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At Badass Brownies, we pride ourselves on using only the finest, all-natural ingredients to craft our delicious treats. Each brownie is made from scratch and baked with love to ensure that every bite is as satisfying as the last. We offer a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s taste buds, from classic chocolate to more unique and creative options. From the rich and fudgy texture to the intense chocolate flavor, our brownies are sure to leave a lasting impression.¬†

Our Mission:

We strive to bring joy and satisfaction to every taste bud through our simple yet delicious, freshly-baked creations made with all-natural ingredients and a whole lot of heart!

At our brownie company, we take great care in crafting each and every brownie. Our baking process begins with sourcing the finest, all-natural ingredients. We use only the best quality cocoa powder, butter, sugar, and eggs to ensure that our brownies have the richest, most intense chocolate flavor possible.

Once all of the ingredients are measured and prepared, we mix them together in just the right proportions to create the perfect batter.

The batter is then spooned into baking pans and placed in the oven to bake. Our bakers keep a close eye on the brownies as they bake, carefully monitoring the temperature and timing to ensure that each batch comes out perfectly. Once the brownies are done baking, they are removed from the oven and cooled before being packaged and shipped to our customers. This process guarantees that every brownie reaches you fresh and delicious, so you can enjoy the rich and fudgy texture and the intense chocolate flavor in every bite.

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At our brownie company, we truly value the feedback from our customers. We understand that our customers are the backbone of our business and their feedback is essential for us to continue providing high-quality products and services. We are constantly striving to improve, and your feedback helps us to achieve this goal instantly. We love hearing from you, whether it’s about a product you loved, a service that exceeded your expectations, or an area where we can improve upon. We are grateful for our customers’ support and we want to ensure you know how much your feedback means to us.

Introducing Badass Brownies, a brownie company based in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our homemade brownies are made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, such as fair-trade chocolate and organic flour. We offer a wide variety of flavors including classic chocolate, unique and exciting options like salted caramel and peanut butter. Not only do our brownies taste heavenly, but they also look beautiful, packaged in personalized and creative ways. Our location in Cherry Hill makes us a convenient option for those looking for a sweet treat or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. By supporting our local business, you’re not only enjoying the delicious taste of our brownies, but also contributing to the local economy in Cherry Hill!

We understand that shipping homemade brownies can be a delicate process. That’s why we take extra care in ensuring that our brownies are packaged and shipped safely and efficiently. We use insulated and sealed packaging materials to protect our brownies during transit, and we ship them with a reputable carrier that guarantees timely delivery. We also include ice packs when necessary to maintain the freshness of the brownies during hot weather. We take great care to ensure your brownies arrive in perfect condition, just as delicious as when they were first made. We also offer the option for customers to track their packages so they can know exactly when their brownies will arrive. Our goal is to make sure our customers can enjoy our brownies as soon as possible!

We understand that many people have specific dietary requirements, so we offer gluten-free, nut-free and vegan options as well. This way, everyone can enjoy our delicious homemade brownies. And if you’re looking to make an event extra special, we also accept large orders and can customize our brownies to fit your needs. Our brownies are packaged with the utmost care, so they arrive fresh and ready to be enjoyed. So go ahead, indulge in a homemade brownie today, and taste the love that goes into every bite.